Chapter 23: Playing Hero

So, there’s a bunch of dog food cans wrapped up on the floor and my daughter is jumping off of them and landing in the floor while cheering to herself. I asked her “are you going to be a trapezist?“, she giggled and said no.

After a few more jumps I ask,” Are you a superhero like Wonder Woman?“, giggling she tells out “Yeah! I’m Wonder Woman!“. She then starts insisting we chase my nephew around the house as I hold her up so she can ‘fly’. Which of course means we sirens the next 10 minutes making swooshing sounds as we run around the house. Not going to lie, that was a lot of fun.

Fast forward to me putting her to bed and she declares that she wants to save me because she’s a Super Hero. I start crying out “Help! Save me!”. Jumping off of her bed she makes the swooshing sound, grabs my legs and pulls me across the room. Then with a big grin pulls me “I saved you, Daddy”.

Well, guess what, every time I look at her I feel like she saves me on a daily basis. All the depression, all the negative thoughts, they all vanish when she calls me her hero, which she did when I was ticking her into bed, “Nun-night Super Dad”. Love that cold so much.

Until next time!