Chapter 43: Upgrade!

Finally! Finally, I decided on what phone to go for. After much deliberation, I bought the Huawei P30 Pro, which seems to have a decent enough camera to start recording with (40 MP).

Now I need to look at a good audio solution, not just the different microphones I’ll need but also a decent way of recording them. I’ll probably spend a few days looking for cheap audio recorders.

But for now, I think it’s time to start writing! Or maybe collab writing with a few friends of mine for scripts. Things feel like they are slowly getting to where I want them to be!

Chapter 24: Listening

I’m a fan of audio, not that I know a lot about editing audio or anything but I mean listening. I’m very lucky that I get to listen to a lot of Podcasts and audiobooks where I work, and so I thought I’d talk about some audio books I like.

When I was 19? One of my front teeth just flat out died and while laying in bed from the pain, I started listening to audiobooks, more specifically anything by Terry Pratchett, often read by the talented Nigel Planer. The first audiobook I started with was Mort, an amazing tale about Deaths apprentice. Still, one of my favourite audiobooks although I am a huge fan of the Going Postal book.

I’m currently re-listening to an audiobook series called Critical Failures by Robert Bevan, read by Jonathan Sleep. Amazing books about roleplayers becoming stuck in a fantasy world. Filled with tons of vulgar language but equally as many laughs, another audiobook I’d love for people to get.

There’s also the Magic 2.0 series of books by Scott Meyer, narrated by Luke Daniels. Luke is honestly a very talented voice actor and really brings the characters to life in these amazing books. In these books, we follow Martin along as he discovers that the world is a computer program. Incredibly funny writing, so much so that I’ve listened to these multiple times.

That’s all for now, I’ll talk about more audiobooks on another day.

Until next time!