Chapter 46: The horror of bedtime

My daughter, my funny, cute adorable daughter… Is a huge pain in the backside when it comes to getting her to go to sleep. I wish there was a reliable parent manual out in the world somewhere.

I just got her into bed and it’s already a bargaining game with her. First, she wants to watch her tablet for bedtime, it’s a school night so no. Then she wants a bedtime story, which is what she gets every night. Her favourite is Aladdin, but 3 sentences in and she interrupts me.

“Daddy, is Aladdin going to be at my birthday party?”

“No, sorry beautiful he lives too far away”

“Oh, can I go see Aladdin? I like him”

“Of course, when you’re older”.

It’s so sweet but it’s all ploys to keep herself awake. She would interrupt me every few paragraphs asking me questions or telling me things. In the end, I just closed the book and told her we could cuddle until she falls asleep.

And we’ll, now I’m sitting on the sofa as she decided to keep playing instead of trying to sleep. And I’ve still got stuff to do so yeah, I’m not playing when it’s bedtime. Kids are tough cookies.