Chapter 18: You’re Welcome

So today I decided to treat a friend to the cinema. As far as I know out of my small circle of friends, there was only 2 of us that wanted to see Venom. So thankfully we had a free day.

I’ve seen generally negative reviews around the movie and my friend A, who I think I’ve previously mentioned, has said he’s seen nothing but good reviews. I wish I’d seen those reviews before I went and saw Venom as honestly, I’d agree with them. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and its a movie I want to go and watch again.

The trailers honestly don’t do it justice, the acting, special effects, fight sequences and story were way beyond my expectations. Ruben Fleischer proves once again to be a great director. Tom Hardy in the trailers just seemed to have the strangest of accents but in the movie amazing performance. We both came out of the cinema singing our praises towards it.

Is highly recommend for action fans, comic book fans etc to go and watch it… Sorry, I know my usual posts aren’t pretty much movie reviews (and this is a poorly worded review), but it’s not often that I get surprised by how good a movie is like I did with Venom.

Until next time!