Chapter 6: Podcasts

I tried writing a podcast blog a few days ago and it just wasn’t something I was happy with. So, here is attempt number 2 and I hope that I actually posted this up.

About 11 years or so ago, a friend messaged me over MSN with a link to a video telling me to watch it. The link took me to Google Video and I was greeted by 2 lone soldiers standing on top of a building. The soldier in red says, “Hey, ever wonder why we are here?“. And that was how I was introduced to Red Vs Blue, the machinima masterpiece made by Rooster Teeth.

If you’ve never seen anything or even heard of Rooster Teeth, please go check them out. They currently have a ton of different productions on their website and you can find them on YouTube, but honestly, I’d recommend the site.

Shortly afterwards, I managed to get an iPod and found myself subscribing to Rooster Teeth and downloading the Red Vs Blue video podcast. Before I knew it, I was walking around my work just listening to them talk without even watching. I had seen it so much that I knew where the characters were when scene changes would take place. I even found myself downloading other works by Rooster Teeth, like Strangerhood and PANICS.

This all led me down the road of seeking out other podcasts, Scott Mills Daily, Punky! even the Rooster Teeth Podcast and so many more that I still listen to. I could write a recommended list? I think I’ll leave that for another day.

Until next time!