Chapter 47: Telling Me Something

Whenever I start to write a blog post my brain likes to start with the word “So”. It feels natural in my head but I also realise that starting off a blog with the exact same word seems kind dumb (as I look up and notice every blog post starts with Chapter).

So *internal screaming* I’ve been listening to a lot of Spotify at work lately rather than podcasts. Well, today I was looking through the recommended music to add to a playlist when a song showed up. It was called ” Okay 2 B Gay” by Tomboy.

I am straight, although I’ll be first to admit I’m pretty camp at times… just letting you all know that. But Spotify seems to think that I’m not. I told my wife this and her response was “Doesn’t surprise me anymore”. I’m starting to think Spotify and my wife are trying to tell me something!

Anyway, I told my friend about it and he said ‘Is that a challenge? Get her to go to the shops and when she comes back set up a horror house full of shocks. But instead of a monster jumping out. It’s just you plowing different dude whilst screaming “Surprised now!”. It looks like everyone knows more about me than I do!

Chapter 37: Back to Writing

Recently, I’ve really enjoyed watching these incredible musicals by a company called Team Starkid. Whom I highly, HIGHLY recommend going to their website and Youtube channel and watching pretty much everything they have been involved in.

My wife has become almost as hooked on their shows as myself. To the point where we are quoting from songs during every day conversation. I am a particular fan of their newest musical The Guy Who Didn’t Like Musicals.

After spending awhile pouring over thse amazing musicals, it’s once again rekindled my love of creating content, more specifically for me, making movies. So I’ve decided to brush off the old pen and paper (really just microsoft word) and begin writing again.

I have no idea if these will actually lead to anything, but I do miss writing and whenever I think about creating movies, it just feels… right?

Until next time!