Chapter 55: Studying

Time is something we can never get back and lately, I’ve felt as if I’ve been wasting a lot of my youth and my future.

I met my wife over 10 years ago and when we first started dating, we had hopes, dreams, plans etc. Most of the things we wanted just never happened and with kids in our lives, we probably won’t do for another 15-20 years.

I’ve talked about it before but for year’s I’ve wanted to write and direct a film. It’s probably not going to be any good, I just want to make one. I took a few steps, wrote a few scripts, bought a decent mic and about 6 months ago bought a camera. But I just never put the effort into actually doing it.

Well, I’m 33 and I’m going to start taking my first real steps into filming an indie movie. I’m taking an online course about scriptwriting, I’ve bought audiobooks to help. I’m giving my self 2 years to save money and film something.

I’ll talk more about what I’m learning and how things are coming along.

Until next time!

Chapter 54: Late Blogtober!

It’s been a while so I figured, hey it’s Blogtober so why not start posting again?

I don’t really remember too much of what I talked about over the last few posts so I’m just going to do a massive update.

So, I finally managed to finish my 40 hours of teacher training for becoming a driving instructor. I’m now at the point of looking for a car and insurance and then I can start teaching which in excited and nervous about.

My son turned 1 and has developed one hell of a cheeky attitude. He loves to steal our seats if we get up, rushing over, laughing and climbing up until he’s sitting where we sat. He also has a thing for butting my wife/his mum? He very rarely bites anyone else, just her.

My daughter is back at school through all this current madness but, she is being safe and careful. Every day I get home she shows me a book slowly filling up with stickers she has earned at school. It’s adorable.

My wife’s fibromyalgia has gotten worse but, the stress at the moment is high for us all. Usually, as soon as I get home, I take the kids so she can rest and work on her crafting business.

That’s the update for now!

Until next time!

Chapter 53: A long time

Good actual evening!

It’s been awhile since I last posted… Months in fact. I’ve spent about 8 weeks trying to convince myself to write about anything but there has been zero motivation. Well, I’m here now so let’s see how things go eh?

Since the start of the lockdown here in good old England, I’ve had about 4 weeks off due to COVID-19. My wife and I have had a mixture of the symptoms but thankfully nothing serious. We have both recovered and healthy. My kids haven’t shown any of the symptoms either which I feel extremely lucky for.

I have had another 2 weeks off of work thanks to a tooth abscess but I’m returning back to work tomorrow. It feels like I wasted all of this time off though. There are a bucket load of photos and videos online of families building sheds or wendy houses and all I’ve done is lounge around.

I spent almost every day looking after my kids but I feel that I didn’t spend enough time with them. I didn’t spend enough time writing or streaming or podcasting. I hate my laziness. I’m really going to push harder to spend time with them and be more productive. I guess only time will tell.

Yours dejectedly,

Some Hero Dad

Chapter 48: Preparing

I don’t really remember if I mentioned too much about my training to become a driving instructor. So, let’s talk about that!

The ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) exam, is in 3 parts. The first being an ADI theory test, which is very similar to the standard theory test, except there’s questions about teaching thrown in too and you can only get 15 faults or you fail.

The part 2 exam is a driving test, to make sure that you can drive professionally. It’s similar to the standard driving test but you are only allowed 6 minor faults. This is the exam in taking in a few days.

The part 3 exam is a teaching exam. You need at least 40 hours of training with a driving instructor after passing your part 2 exam. Then an examiner will sit in the car with you while you teach a lesson. I’m not sure how this is graded yet though.

The part 3 exam also has an option of extending your training by 20 hours but you get a trainee teaching license so you can start teaching people how to drive. Which is what I’m planning on going for once I’ve passed the part 2 exam.

It’s been a lot of lessons just to get me to have the confidence to drive well enough to do the part 2 exam. It’s also not quite as scary as I had imagined. I have taken it once before, about a month ago and failed, I ended up receiving a major fault thanks to another driver, although yes I know there were other things I could have/should have done.

So as it is at the moment, I’ve got about 5 more hours worth of driving lessons before my exam and while I’m confident I’ll pass, I also know that this past month my driving has slipped. I’ll keep this all updated anyway.