Chapter 44: I forgot

I am, socially awkward. Ever since I was around 9 years old when I was bullied in school. That being said when I make/gain close friends, I’m incredibly close to them, i become waaaaay more open than i usually am. To the point that my wife has questioned my sexuality on the odd occasion and sometimes those friends question it too.

Anyway, where I used to work i had a friend there that I was/still am close to. But of course with changing jobs that comfort? At work vanished. I figured today is try to open up more and joke around with someone I work with. It really didn’t go well.

I came away from the conversation annoyed, pissed off and just remembering why I don’t particularly like my job. The people are just, children? There’s a lot of talking behind each other back. I even walked in on two people talking about me and when I confronted them they sputtered their way through attempting to change what they said.

If anything today has taught/reinforced that no one there really cares and that I just need to work harder at changing careers, spend more time on the relationships I care about and move away from toxic people.