Chapter 20: Finalstraw

A few months ago while browsing through Kickstarter, I stumbled across something called Finalstraw. The first image I saw was of a mermaid and I thought “Fuck it, mermaids are cool”. What I actually got was a video of a mermaid telling me about how bad straws are for the environment, more specifically the ocean.

She then showed this cool collapsible reusable straw that I immediately showed to my wife and within the span of about 15 minutes, we had backed this cool company that was trying to make a change. Recently they assisted on the American TV show Shark Tank. I’ve only ever watched the UK version before but I was kinda disheartened to find out that Finalstraw hadn’t gotten any offers.

If there is a genuine problem, isn’t it worth investing in to correct it? Well turns out we went swinging into it. Originally we had only ordered 2 straws, one for my wife and myself. But a few days ago when the surveys were emailed out, we knew that we should get our daughter one and might as well get the new baby one too.

It’s worth putting a small chunk of change into a good cause and I think this company is headed in the right direction. So… Check them out? And for future me reading this, how cool were the straws?

Until next time!