Chapter 27: New Anime

So, first of all, I’m annoyed for missing a day, it was just too late by the time I remembered, sorry to anyone reading this… Which is probably just future me.

I’ve been binge watching anime on crunchy roll and stumbled across one that’s quickly become one of my favourites. KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World. It’s a great anime that started in 2016, but being the slowpoke I am, in only just discovering it now.

We follow a character called Kazuma after he dies and is resurrected by a goddess called Aqua. Kazuma gets to pick something to take with him to a parallel world and decides to take the Goddess with him. He quickly realised she pretty Incompetent and recruits Megumi, a sorceress obsessed with explosions and Darkness, a masochist crusader.

In having a ton of fun following the four along with their adventures and find myself laughing much more than I have done at other recent anime. I’d highly recommend this, even more so as it digs fun at its characters.

Until next time!

Chapter 4: Cosplay

It’s 02:44 AM Sunday morning (23/09/2018). Today I had the pleasure of being shouted at to get up, thankfully not because of nightmares from my daughter, but because I’m picking some friends up from the airport. Not that that really matters but I like keeping dates and times of what I was up to when I wrote these, mostly for myself when I go back and read them and criticise my own writing.

So… Today, let us talk about, drum roll, … Cosplay! I hope the title didn’t give it away.

My first introduction to Cosplay was 25/05/2008, when an old friend of mine invited me to my first Comic-Con, MCM London Expo. 6 months later at the next convention (25/10/2008), I would be cosplaying as L from Death Note. Not a hard cosplay to do, but I was new to the scene and was testing the waters.

L cosplay

Another time jump of about 4 months and I was travelling up to London every weekend to cosplay with a new group of friends I met online. Those were some great days and incredibly fun. That’s where I met my wife and probably the man (let’s call him K for now) I’d potentially leave her for (that will make them both laugh if they ever read this). We actually all met at K’s birthday party and many cosplay adventures later I had bought my first real cosplay, Kaien from Bleach.

Kaien Cosplay 1

Most of these cosplays were pretty simple but it was fun to be part of the cosplay community. So, about a year after K’s birthday (2010), we found ourselves preparing for the first cosplay that I put a lot of thought and effort into. K and I would cosplay from a well-known anime at the time called Ouran High School Host Club. We would be the Hitachiin Twins.

Twins cosplay 1

Needless to say, we were pretty popular, to the point where people would scream at us from excitement haha. Those were some awesome days and I felt pretty awesome. This was my first cosplay where people actually wanted photos of my consistently, we would walk about 15 feet and get asked for a photo. My ego at the time was soaring pretty high. This is all where K cemented himself in my life, well it was more of me handcuffing him and swallowing the key. After doing multiple versions of the twins over the course of about 3 years, we started just doing our own cosplays (much to my chagrin as I loved the attention).

My wife and I did multiple couples cosplays, Amu Hinamori and Ikuto Tsukiyomi from Shugo Chara! (24/10/2010), Maka and Soul from Soul Eater (23/10/20),  InuYasha and Kagome from InuYasha (annoyingly can’t find a date or a photo for). All of which was a lot of fun and widening my interests in anime and cosplay.

Maka and Soul 1

It’s been about 4 years since I last cosplayed. I’ll talk about the others that I did, probably even write a post about the My Little Pony Cosplay. I do miss cosplaying and I’m hoping to cosplay again in May, so we shall see.

See you next time!