Chapter 2: Memories

Our young hero groggily shuffles into the incandescently lit kitchen. He half-heartedly flicks the kettle on and slumps into the old computer chair. Then begins to write.

Walking around work it hit me, at around 3pm a week ago (Friday 14/9/2018), we had just booked into our hotel, The Novatel. My daughter and I were standing by our luggage as my wife rushes back over and shows me our room number… 343!

Now for gamers out there how awesome is that? For the none gamers, there is a game series called Halo, maybe you’ve heard of it? Well, 343 industries are now the game developer that handle anything to do with it. I could go into more detail but I don’t think it’s worth it.

343 is also the same hotel room we stayed in (with 2 friends) at the last MCM expo we went to. It even had the same picture up on the wall that we still have no idea what it’s about.

Sorry for the poor camera work. Right now you’re probably thinking, “Hay writer, why should we care?“ or,” Jesus writer, move on you big baby! “. You’re probably right, but memories that we can look back on and smile at our memories worth holding on to. At least they should be, right?

I mean, I think of the first time my daughter called me her hero. I’d always thought of myself as nothing particularly special, good enough maybe? But here is one of the most precious people in the world to me and I’m her hero.

Once again, my thought process is sort of all over the place and it’s what I get for having zero skill in writing.

See you all next time!