Chapter 26: Make Believe Voices

So, on Sunday (check out yesterday’s blog), myself, W and my daughter all went bowling and then spent some time in the arcade. Well W is stupidly good at the crane games and won my daughter a Donkey Kong cuddly toy and won himself a Robin cuddly toy. Being a fan of Teen Titans go, I pouted and he gave me the Robin, Sweet!

Anyway, we get home and are playing around when I pick up Robin and we go through my daughter’s conversation with every toy I give a voice.

Robin – “Hello there

Daughter – “Hello Robin, what you doing?”

Robin – “I’m here for hugs!”

Daughter – “Come to play with me!”

I love that she’s able to bring life to toys. Now Robin has become her go-to toy for Daddy to play with. I was sitting in the kitchen when she comes striding in and plops Robin on my lap. “Daddy, Robin talk”. We then play for half an hour in the kitchen.

Its great to get to be involved and play in my daughter’s imaginary world.

Until next time!

Chapter 25: Day Out

I’m kinda getting used to writing late posts and I hate it.

So today my friend W came over with his wife and then W, my daughter and I ask went, drum roll please, bowling! Down to the wonderful Hollywood Bowl. Now, I don’t know if anyone has ever taken a 3-year-old bowling, it is adorable and bothersome. She was so excited to get to play that she was dancing in the seating area. Then we would help her lift the bowling ball as she huffed and puffed lifting it. Then after any score possible, she would give us a happy round of high fives to celebrate.

That was for the first 5 rounds, after that she lost all interest and we had to keep chasing after her as she became bored. We booked 2 games but 1 would have been enough. I think it’s just too long for a 3-year-old to keep attention on. Especially when there is an arcade connected to the bowling alley.

Until next time!