Chapter 44: I forgot

I am, socially awkward. Ever since I was around 9 years old when I was bullied in school. That being said when I make/gain close friends, I’m incredibly close to them, i become waaaaay more open than i usually am. To the point that my wife has questioned my sexuality on the odd occasion and sometimes those friends question it too.

Anyway, where I used to work i had a friend there that I was/still am close to. But of course with changing jobs that comfort? At work vanished. I figured today is try to open up more and joke around with someone I work with. It really didn’t go well.

I came away from the conversation annoyed, pissed off and just remembering why I don’t particularly like my job. The people are just, children? There’s a lot of talking behind each other back. I even walked in on two people talking about me and when I confronted them they sputtered their way through attempting to change what they said.

If anything today has taught/reinforced that no one there really cares and that I just need to work harder at changing careers, spend more time on the relationships I care about and move away from toxic people.

Chapter 43: Upgrade!

Finally! Finally, I decided on what phone to go for. After much deliberation, I bought the Huawei P30 Pro, which seems to have a decent enough camera to start recording with (40 MP).

Now I need to look at a good audio solution, not just the different microphones I’ll need but also a decent way of recording them. I’ll probably spend a few days looking for cheap audio recorders.

But for now, I think it’s time to start writing! Or maybe collab writing with a few friends of mine for scripts. Things feel like they are slowly getting to where I want them to be!

Chapter 41: Time Off of Work.

My wife has something called Fibromyalgia, I think I’ve mentioned it before but I don’t remember now annoyingly.

For those not bothering to click the link, it’s… So, remember the most intense pain you have ever felt, maybe a fractured bone, or even giving birth. Well, that’s what Fibromyalgia sufferers feel constantly on a daily basis. My wife largely gets the pain in her legs and back, although she has had the pain pretty much all over her body.

Anyway, I’ve been taking a lot of time off of work to help out where I can at home. Even something little like taking my daughter to school helps ease some of the stress off of my wife. We are worried about me possibly losing my job but at the same time, would I want to work for a company that would force me to choose?

My family comes first, always, but does that include financial reassurance?

Chapter 40: Filming on a Budget.

So let’s talk about a Youtuber I have recently started following. D4Darious.

I found this guy while searching around on YouTube for budget movie making. In fact, he was pretty much the first video I clicked I’m slowly working my way through his 160 videos.

I’m learning a lot from him, not just what equipment is worth looking at but also about finding locations, actors etc. The video I linked above gives a pretty in-depth look at filming on a budget. Even going as far as to show a short film he makes and examples of shots, shooting order, lighting, actors etc!

Please please check him out if you havee any interest in film making! Watching his videos has inspired me to bust out good old Microsoft word and to start writing again.