Chapter 48: Preparing

I don’t really remember if I mentioned too much about my training to become a driving instructor. So, let’s talk about that!

The ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) exam, is in 3 parts. The first being an ADI theory test, which is very similar to the standard theory test, except there’s questions about teaching thrown in too and you can only get 15 faults or you fail.

The part 2 exam is a driving test, to make sure that you can drive professionally. It’s similar to the standard driving test but you are only allowed 6 minor faults. This is the exam in taking in a few days.

The part 3 exam is a teaching exam. You need at least 40 hours of training with a driving instructor after passing your part 2 exam. Then an examiner will sit in the car with you while you teach a lesson. I’m not sure how this is graded yet though.

The part 3 exam also has an option of extending your training by 20 hours but you get a trainee teaching license so you can start teaching people how to drive. Which is what I’m planning on going for once I’ve passed the part 2 exam.

It’s been a lot of lessons just to get me to have the confidence to drive well enough to do the part 2 exam. It’s also not quite as scary as I had imagined. I have taken it once before, about a month ago and failed, I ended up receiving a major fault thanks to another driver, although yes I know there were other things I could have/should have done.

So as it is at the moment, I’ve got about 5 more hours worth of driving lessons before my exam and while I’m confident I’ll pass, I also know that this past month my driving has slipped. I’ll keep this all updated anyway.