Chapter 30: Still sick

We are all still sick sadly. My wife bought a humidifier which I honestly didn’t know existed, I thought there were only dehumidifiers. Apparently, they help sore and dry throats, so let’s see how it goes.

My daughter is making small improvements, her voice has lost the deep screeching sound but it’s been replaced with a full sound. Sadly things aren’t great for my wife, her fibromyalgia is really messing with her legs. Along with the cold, well she’s seen better days.

This is a short post as it’s kinda late and I know I needed to at least post something. I think I’m going to talk about some anime in the next one, I really want to talk about the new Sword Art Online season.

Until next time!

Chapter 29: Sickness

So Friday night around 2:30, my daughter starts gagging and coughing. I rushed into her bedroom to see my wife looking terrified holding a bucket and patting her back and trying to calm her down. She throws up into the bucket and we rush up to the hospital as she was having trouble breathing.

We really didn’t have to wait too long before a doctor saw her, I think it was only about 15 minutes, anyway… She was surprisingly well behaved as the doctors prodded and poked her. Turns out she has something called Croup, which swells the vocal chords and a bunch of other nasty stuff that I can’t remember, sorry at this point it had just gone 3 in the morning so my memory is pretty bad.

We were given some medicine which took about half an hour to force down her throat, she really didn’t like the medicine. Shortly afterwards they gave her another look over and the swelling had gone down. But with most things, we end up staying there for about another hour for a final check.

We finally get home at around 6 am, which isn’t bad really. My wife and daughter snuggle up in our bed as I had to sleep on the sofa. Although it sucked that I start work at 8 am, so I really only ended up with about 30 minutes of restless nap time.

So yeah, that’s why I didn’t bother posting yesterday. I’m still not fully sleep recovered and I’m pretty sure I’ve caught a cold.

Until next time!

Chapter 28: Nothing?

Have you ever just realised that you want more from your life? You might take a few minutes and just wonder where are you? what are you doing? where are you going? is this it?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot, especially since hearing about losing my job. Was my plan to just stay in that job until I retire? I have no idea. I have benchmarks that I’m walking towards, like seeing everything my daughter gets up to in life. But what am I planning on doing exactly with my life?

I look back on my life and I know a lot of the time I was an arse hole. People wanted my help and I just couldn’t be bothered, partners wanted my attention but I’d given up caring. I want to be the kind of person that stands up and does something, something that I can be proud of. Something that my daughter and Wife can be proud of. And yet, here I am, standing in the kitchen, procrastinating.

Until next time.

Chapter 26: Make Believe Voices

So, on Sunday (check out yesterday’s blog), myself, W and my daughter all went bowling and then spent some time in the arcade. Well W is stupidly good at the crane games and won my daughter a Donkey Kong cuddly toy and won himself a Robin cuddly toy. Being a fan of Teen Titans go, I pouted and he gave me the Robin, Sweet!

Anyway, we get home and are playing around when I pick up Robin and we go through my daughter’s conversation with every toy I give a voice.

Robin – “Hello there

Daughter – “Hello Robin, what you doing?”

Robin – “I’m here for hugs!”

Daughter – “Come to play with me!”

I love that she’s able to bring life to toys. Now Robin has become her go-to toy for Daddy to play with. I was sitting in the kitchen when she comes striding in and plops Robin on my lap. “Daddy, Robin talk”. We then play for half an hour in the kitchen.

Its great to get to be involved and play in my daughter’s imaginary world.

Until next time!