Chapter 32: A New Hope…?

Good actual evening!

Back in the old days of 2010, I had decided to create a video game podcast focusing on reviewing and news. At this point in time, I really don’t remember what it was called, but I did a lot of research on creating it, how to edit audio correctly, where to put the episode up so people could find it, etc. I even found a like-minded soul on a forum to co-host with me, things were looking up, I was finally going to create something where people could hear my voice and listen to what I had to say.

Flash forward to the release of the first episode, I get an email from someone who wants to join podcasts. See at the time people were only really recording and uploading them, but this guy, let’s call him Josh, was streaming the recording out to a website (not Twitch). Now, this was a good few years before streaming IRL (In Real Life) was a thing.

I was blown away with the idea, plus of course, having more co-hosts to talk to was a huge bonus to me. And so a new podcast was formed. I was finally able to say what I wanted to and laugh with people who had similar thoughts and ideas. It was fun!

Unfortunately life catches up to us all and in this case, it caught up incredibly fast. We only ended up airing about 4 episodes suddenly everyone was kind of hit with a whirlwind of problems. Hey, it happens and I enjoyed my time on the show and made some friends that I followed throughout the years.

Anyway, yesterday I get a message from Josh (Who I haven’t talked to since 2010) asking me if I was still interested in creating a podcast. Now, I don’t know if anyone reading this has gone back and read any of my posts but, hell yes, please, I want to make a podcast. I knew I was going to accept even if it was just as an audio editor or something, I wanted to be involved. An hour-long phone call later and I was convinced that this is something worth putting my time into.

See back in 2010, Josh put a lot of effort into the show but now… Well, now it has become a passion and a job for him. I believe Kevin Smith (The director & Podcaster) once said “Surround yourself with people that have the same push and drive for creating as you”, well it was something along those lines anyway.

So here I am, nervous but excited that I get to work with someone as talented as him and I get to fill in that desire to create and be heard.

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Chapter 11: Go Outside

So today, I drop my wife off at work but pull up further down the car park as there is a Pokemon Go Gym there. We’ve recently got back into playing it so figured why not?

So I pull up and see its a Valour (Red) controlled gym but it only had 2 Pokemon so I defeated them and placed a Vaporeon there. 60 seconds later, the gym turns back to red. Which means, annoyingly, someone is living right next to it playing. Well, I heal up and go again, only to realise that they defenders are getting healed and wasting my time.

My wife texts me about 5 hours later on her break and I knew what had to be done. So we met up when she finished at 9 and began our assault, 3 minutes later the gym was ours. After all the hugs and thank yous, a car turns into the car park and pulls in front of us.

“He’s probably come to take that gym back, let’s just go,” says my wife. As we pull past, we see he’s holding a phone up as he gives us a smile and a wave. Checking the gym as we drove off, he places a Pokemon in there and drives off. Complete strangers and yet we all shared a moment of happiness at our control of the gym.

Not a great story but we were smiling all the way home and it does sort of show that you can make friends in the weirdest of places and over your mutual love of anime and video games.

Until next time!

Chapter 10: MMO Gaming

Back in 2004, you know it has only just hit me that was 14 years ago! Anyway, back in 2004, I started seeing adverts online for this MMO developed by Paragon Studios called City of Heroes. At the time I had no idea what an MMO was but hey, you get to make your own superhero, how cool was that?

2005 arrived and the game is released in the UK and after a few months of wondering, I went to the local gaming store and bought it. A few hours later and my first character appeared in Atlas Park. A broadsword scrapper with regeneration, ready to take on the world.

I absolutely loved running around in the City of Heroes world, teaming up with other players, making new friends and eventually joining a guild run by a hero called Hoboman. I even bought the City of Villains sometime later to make an evil alter ego to my main character.

I’ll always look back on that game with love in my heart and a longing for my unnamed friends, plus a wish for what other MMOs could become. Gaming is a great way to make friends and I still keep in contact with a few friends that I’ve met online. I’ll always wonder whatever happened to Hoboman though.

Until next time!