Chapter 26: Make Believe Voices

So, on Sunday (check out yesterday’s blog), myself, W and my daughter all went bowling and then spent some time in the arcade. Well W is stupidly good at the crane games and won my daughter a Donkey Kong cuddly toy and won himself a Robin cuddly toy. Being a fan of Teen Titans go, I pouted and he gave me the Robin, Sweet!

Anyway, we get home and are playing around when I pick up Robin and we go through my daughter’s conversation with every toy I give a voice.

Robin – “Hello there

Daughter – “Hello Robin, what you doing?”

Robin – “I’m here for hugs!”

Daughter – “Come to play with me!”

I love that she’s able to bring life to toys. Now Robin has become her go-to toy for Daddy to play with. I was sitting in the kitchen when she comes striding in and plops Robin on my lap. “Daddy, Robin talk”. We then play for half an hour in the kitchen.

Its great to get to be involved and play in my daughter’s imaginary world.

Until next time!

Chapter 22: Old Heroes

So, I remember being about 8 years old, sitting in my nan and grandads living room as they hand me a VHS tape of Spider-man the 1967 animated TV show, and getting so excited to get to watch it. I don’t remember what episodes were on it, although I do remember getting to watch the Spider-woman animated show, and I remember a house with a bunch of traps in it.

Anyway, I’ll always remember those times fondly and they’ve influenced my life. Granted, I’m not doing anything particularly heroic but I’m now a huge comic book /superhero fan. Even with other games I play I generally prefer playing as the hero, like in Dungeons & Dragons or Marvel Legendary.

Does anyone remember the TV show Monkey Magic? Based on the book Journey to the West? I loved staying up late at night and joining in on Monkeys adventures. I loved the character Monkey, almost every movie I’ve stumbled across based on that story I’ve watched. I even have the audiobook of the original book. I actually ended up getting a Monkey King tattoo last year. I should probably get a Spider-man tattoo too at some point.

Oh man, what about the 1960s Batman with the late great Adam West? One of the greatest (personally) depictions of Batman. Okay, yeah it was campy and silly but that’s great as a kid, even more so with the WHAM! and BAM! signs that appear. That show actually leads me onto finding out who Ralph Garmen is and now I listen to him talk on a weekly basis on Hollywood Babble-On.

I know this might seem like a word file kind of post but these shows, these actors playing my childhood heroes meant and still mean a lot to me. I’ll absolutely be showing these shows to my daughter when she’s slightly older and if recommend you giving them a viewing too.

Until next time!

Chapter 18: You’re Welcome

So today I decided to treat a friend to the cinema. As far as I know out of my small circle of friends, there was only 2 of us that wanted to see Venom. So thankfully we had a free day.

I’ve seen generally negative reviews around the movie and my friend A, who I think I’ve previously mentioned, has said he’s seen nothing but good reviews. I wish I’d seen those reviews before I went and saw Venom as honestly, I’d agree with them. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and its a movie I want to go and watch again.

The trailers honestly don’t do it justice, the acting, special effects, fight sequences and story were way beyond my expectations. Ruben Fleischer proves once again to be a great director. Tom Hardy in the trailers just seemed to have the strangest of accents but in the movie amazing performance. We both came out of the cinema singing our praises towards it.

Is highly recommend for action fans, comic book fans etc to go and watch it… Sorry, I know my usual posts aren’t pretty much movie reviews (and this is a poorly worded review), but it’s not often that I get surprised by how good a movie is like I did with Venom.

Until next time!