Chapter 27: New Anime

So, first of all, I’m annoyed for missing a day, it was just too late by the time I remembered, sorry to anyone reading this… Which is probably just future me.

I’ve been binge watching anime on crunchy roll and stumbled across one that’s quickly become one of my favourites. KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World. It’s a great anime that started in 2016, but being the slowpoke I am, in only just discovering it now.

We follow a character called Kazuma after he dies and is resurrected by a goddess called Aqua. Kazuma gets to pick something to take with him to a parallel world and decides to take the Goddess with him. He quickly realised she pretty Incompetent and recruits Megumi, a sorceress obsessed with explosions and Darkness, a masochist crusader.

In having a ton of fun following the four along with their adventures and find myself laughing much more than I have done at other recent anime. I’d highly recommend this, even more so as it digs fun at its characters.

Until next time!

Chapter 11: Go Outside

So today, I drop my wife off at work but pull up further down the car park as there is a Pokemon Go Gym there. We’ve recently got back into playing it so figured why not?

So I pull up and see its a Valour (Red) controlled gym but it only had 2 Pokemon so I defeated them and placed a Vaporeon there. 60 seconds later, the gym turns back to red. Which means, annoyingly, someone is living right next to it playing. Well, I heal up and go again, only to realise that they defenders are getting healed and wasting my time.

My wife texts me about 5 hours later on her break and I knew what had to be done. So we met up when she finished at 9 and began our assault, 3 minutes later the gym was ours. After all the hugs and thank yous, a car turns into the car park and pulls in front of us.

“He’s probably come to take that gym back, let’s just go,” says my wife. As we pull past, we see he’s holding a phone up as he gives us a smile and a wave. Checking the gym as we drove off, he places a Pokemon in there and drives off. Complete strangers and yet we all shared a moment of happiness at our control of the gym.

Not a great story but we were smiling all the way home and it does sort of show that you can make friends in the weirdest of places and over your mutual love of anime and video games.

Until next time!

Chapter 5: Old Anime

Wow, it’s a pain in the backside trying to come up with consistent gibberish. I ended up writing 2 new posts but they felt more like reviews of things that I like rather than the ramblings I’ve been going for.

So today, I think I’ll talk about growing up with anime and just see what happens.

There were a few anime that I remember watching but the first has to be Pokemon the original series. This was before I had even heard of anime and if you are old enough, do you remember how great Pokemon Blue and Red were? I used to play the hell out of those games, even had the little magnifier and light attachment for my game boy. The show is still going today along with yearly games and of course the Pokemon Go craze.

Then along game Digimon, which equally piqued my interest. It was another anime with monsters battling monsters. And like Pokemon, you could buy games, these little Tamagotchi pets that you could carry around as you walked. My friends and I would carry those everywhere battling each other, much like the Pokemon games.

Wow, there was surprisingly a lot of anime being shown as a teenager.

Then out of nowhere, I discovered Dragonball Z on the TV which brought epic fight scenes and tales of aliens. As soon as I got home from school, I would crowd around the TV, glued to it, soaking in everything I could about this amazing fighting show. And like the anime I’ve mentioned already, it’s still going to his day, just with a different name and in other video games.

Cardcaptor Sakura, now this show was really amazing for me. I don’t remember many of my friends watching it but as a 14-15-year-old, getting to see this awesome school girl run around using magical cards to battle wonderful creatures was fantastic. I’ll be showing this series to my daughter one day.

Then, one evening at a friend’s house, Gundam Wing was aired. This anime was not what I expected. The adverts showed super cool mech shooting lasers and bullets at each other. What we ended up with was a huge politically driven anime, with Mechs. I’m not saying it was bad, actually I loved it, to the point where I ended up buying Gunpla, much of which I still have. Please go watch this show if you ever get the chance.

Along came the monster of a show called YuGiOh! This show changed everything for my friends. Every time we had money we would rush straight to the comic book shop and buy as many packs as we could. We even bought Japanese packs and would look online for the translations. I actually played the game right up until about 26.

These anime shows influenced my life greatly and I’ll always love and enjoy them. I know I’m butchering a lot of what these shows had, but I’m probably going to do more in-depth opinions on them when I rewatch them.

Until next time!