The End of a Year

A year ago a YouTube channel posted its first video called Unus Annus. The purpose of the channel was to upload a video every day for a year and then delete the channel (hence the name Unus Annus, Latin for One Year).

Now that year has passed and the creators of the channel Markiplier (Mark) and Crankplaysgames (Ethan) have done what they set out to do. They uploaded over 365 videos to the channel and on the 13th-14th of November 2020 they did a 12 hour livestream with Marks partner Amy, and at the end of it, when the inevitable clock hit 00:00:00 they deleted the channel.

Each video was a mini-adventure, from running an assault course, making their own self deprivation tank, building a dog house, right up to trying out a pee sauna. It was this slice of weird happiness for the last year knowing these 3 people were bringing happiness to millions of viewers.

And now? Well, it’s all over and it’s… just difficult knowing that it’s over. Yes, they are still around making content but, for this past year, through all these awe full times, there was an Unus Annus video waiting to be watched everyday.

So, the main point of the channel was that we all have limited time, every second counts and the clock will eventually run out. Enjoy every moment you can while it lasts.

The channel inspired me to start jogging, to start intermittent fasting, to spend more time with my family and hope that my kids remember these years as fun.

With all this in mind, they’ve inspired me to start a Vlog, which I’m currently filming today. I’m starting a YouTube channel with a friend of more than 10 years. They’ve motivated me to start creating content and not waste the precious time I have.

My wife also, after seeing how sad I was yesterday, woke me up to some presents.

I hope some day to inspire my kids to go do something fun and amazing! To live their lives to the fullest and be happy.

Memento Mori

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