Chapter 38: Late To The Game

I started blogging over a year ago now and sitting down today, it seems weird to me that I’ve only made 38 posts. Things have become more hectic thanks to the addition of another screaming, pooping human being (I love you son). So anyway, I started a year ago and immediately heard about Blogtober from another blogger called The Lady Prince, and now I’ve only just remembered it.

It’s late I know but I’ll start from now and try my best to catch up!

I’ve been looking at ways to cheaply make films, from budget equipment to finding locations. I’ll create some future posts discussing people I have been following so anyone can go check them out. A lot of my time has been spent looking at upgrading my phone to one with a decent enough camera, just to at least put my foot into filming.

Most websites or blogs I’ve checked out generally recommend using a budget professional camera or they tend to just talk about the newest expensive phones, so for now I’m just flicking around and trying my best to find something affordable but good.

Also, there are a few other things I have to look into, like lights, microphones, sound recorders etc. I’ll talk about some more of these tomorrow!

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