Chapter 35: Back!

It’s been a bloody long time since I wrote a post. Things have been hectic and sort of all over the place. I can’t really remember my last few posts so in going to just write things out as I remember them.

A while ago I had a throat infection that turned into an ear infection. That finally cleared up a few weeks ago although I still get tinnitus occasionally.

My daughter became ill months ago and has had a bad cough for about 4 months. The doctors thought she may have asthma and started her on a nightly asthma pump. Last night we took her back as she was still coughing and being sick, which ended us up at the hospital. 3 hours, an x-ray and a few pills later we were told: “kids can keep coughs for months and months”.

My wife has started to show her bump from being pregnant now. Her fibromyalgia is becoming worse

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