Chapter 31: The Hopeful Return.

I think I’m probably the only one hoping that I come back to writing on here but I do miss writing.

So a lot has happened since my last post several months ago, to the point where I couldn’t make time to just sit down and write/type. I’m just going to start with the more recent news as the other stuff will take such a long time to write.

My wife had the baby! A beautiful little boy! He was born on the 21st of April, which my wife now occasionally in jest refers to him as “Zombie Jesus baby”. They are both home, happy and healthy although I, unfortunately, caught tonsillitis so can’t go near anyone else. The baby is a week old today and I think thanks to this illness he’s spent more days with me not being able to hug him than days where I actually could.

But I know I just have to wait a couple more days and he comes to the cuddle machine! Unfortunately, this also means I’ve not been able to give my daughter the attention she needs. She has become very attention seeking, which is understandable, one moment you’re the center of your parent’s lives, then its shared space with a screaming, crying, puking baby. So once I’m better it’s back to giving her lots of attention!

This weekend my wife’s mum and cousin came down to visit and stay the night in a hotel. Now, it takes a while to get here from the other side of London so I’m incredibly grateful that they came. We don’t get to see a lot of her family but times are changing and I think the plan is to go up once a month or as close to that as we can. We want them more involved with our families lives. It was sad to see them leave and I’m excited for us all to see them again.

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