Chapter 19: Sorry Face

So… Wow I tend to start these a lot with the word so… Anyway, this is kind of a late post, not that I think anyone will notice. I kinda just forgot about posting today but it’s just gone midnight and here I am writing.

My daughter, somewhere down the line, has learnt how to pull a sad /sorry face. Sort of pouting while holding her hands up to her face and wobbling her lips. We have absolutely no idea where she learnt this from but it’s bloody adorable.

Now we are finding it hard to say no to her whenever she wants something. She will literally use it whenever she wants anything. It’s so gut-wrenching to say no when she uses that face but, after about 5 days we finally were able to break through that defence of hers…

Now, she has manned to upgrade, from the pouty face to full blown almost crying face. Her face becomes sunken, her bottom lip trembles and her eyes start to water. How on earth are we supposed to deal with that??? My wife and I both felt like the worst parents as soon as she did it. Then, of course, we realised just how sneaky and smart she is. Well played little one, you have one this round.

Until next time!

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