Chapter 17: Cravings!

I received a text message at about 1 pm while I was at work from my wife. She had accidentally left her Shepherds Pie out last night and it had gone off. Now I don’t know how many people reading this have a pregnant partner who suddenly has a craving for something, but for those of you who don’t know… Tears, lots and lots of tears.

Cravings seem to vary wildly while pregnant, not just the Cravings actually but taste buds too. For instance, my wife no longer likes the taste of cola, in fact, it seems no fizzy drink tastes nice anymore. There’s also the craving for meat, almost everything she has now has to have meat in it, hence the Shepherd Pie.

So I offered to drive to Tesco and pick the ingredients up, on the way there, a saw a tyre pressure light on my dashboard. Not having a spare, I checked the tyres, couldn’t see anything so kept going and checking my tyres occasionally. Well, I endurance get there, get inside to find out there’s none of the mash she likes left. Have you ever told your pregnant partner they can’t have what they are craving? Yeah, it didn’t go down well.

Having nothing else she wanted I drove home and now I’m currently in the kitchen making sausages. Now I’m not having a go at anyone, pregnancy sucks for the mother and all the crappy feelings she has to go through, all the pain, women are so much stronger than men to have to deal with everything involved in pregnancy. I just wish there was more I could do to help with the cravings and the pains.

Until next time!

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