Chapter 16: K

I’d like to talk a little about my good friend K, who I’ve talked about in previous posts as we are currently podcasting together.

I remember meeting K back in 2008 at his birthday party at Hyde Park in London. I’d been invited by a friend to attend and figured it would be fun to meet more cosplay people. It’s weird to think back on it now but that was the same day I met my wife. Anyway, K often reminds me that I gave him £10 in his card and he figured I must be okay.

Skip forward a few months and I find myself spending the night in the same room as K. We don’t really remember what we talked about but we kept talking until about 6 am when we finally decided to sleep and I knew I’d found myself an amazing friend. The more we hung out together the more grateful I was to be around someone that made me feel comfortable.

He was the reason I cosplayed from Ouran High School Host Club. I wanted to spread my wings and try something new. And there K was, smiling at me and telling me to go for it.

Hell, even today he’s one of the only few people that I actively want to spend time with and don’t piss me off after 10 minutes. It’s good to have that friend in your life that you know well always bring a smile to your face and will pick you up, not just to be a good friend, but because of the respect and love you.

I love you K!

Until next time!

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