Chapter 15: Sophia

Ever since we told our daughter that there will be a baby on the way she has insisted that, well first of all that it will be twins and secondly that the girl’s name will be Sophia.

Well after the scan we know it’s only 1 baby so thankfully she is wrong there. But now we get onto the topic of baby names! Super sorry interesting right? Yes and no actually. It’s a big decision to make that can also be incredibly boring to talk about.

I mean, that child will probably keep that name until they die. All the nicknames their friends give them, all the potential bullying they will receive. Although not intentionally, but it starts with the parents good or bad decision making. There are a ton of other factors, kids can be arse holes, adults can be too. Bringing back memories now from junior school, which like most things, can be talked about later.

Where was I? I can’t believe I lost my train of thought that quickly.

So, names are important and I’m not sure what this new babies name will be. I don’t want to leave it up to my 3-year-old daughter to decide but we are actually growing on the name Sophia so who knows? I’d also like to mention that the reason she chose Sophia was because of the Disney Princess Sophia the First.

Until next time!

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