Chapter 14: First Scan

So today my wife had her first scan for the baby. I’d upload pictures but I don’t know if she’s okay with that and I’d ask but she’s asleep.

Weird enough when we entered into the hospital room, the 2 doctors/nurses, sorry I didn’t ask, were the same 2 from our daughters first scan 3 years ago! I suppose really it makes sense that there was a chance we would get them again, it is their job after all and chances are they aren’t going to change within 3 years.

Anyway, apart from the child being a pain in the backside and not moving for the ultrasound image properly, everyone seems healthy and happy. Which is good news! There are some blood tests to be done but they can take up to 2 weeks to get back to us.

Sorry, this is such a short post, it’s late here and I am incredibly tired. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll write something longer.

Until next time!

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