Chapter 12: The New Doctor

My wife, daughter and I huddled around the living room tv at 6:45 pm to see the new season of Doctor Who with the very talented Jodie Whittaker staring as the first female Doctor.

We are pretty big Doctor Who fans, not like a ridiculous fan but we enjoy watching the show and do own a couple of the toy sonic screwdrivers. Anyways, the new Doctor! We absolutely loved her! The story established the characters well, the Doctors entrance was fun and it was satisfying to see the generic evil alien defeated. The cinematography was completely on point, felt at times as if watching something from a movie. In early pictures of the sonic screwdriver, it looked sort of, stupid? But seeing it in action, well its another toy we are going to have to go buy.

Jodie brings a breath of fresh air to the show and even drops a subtle message to fans, she says “Don’t be scared. All this is new to you and new can be scary“.

I’ve heard sort of an opposite review from a friend, some points he agreed on, others he didn’t but it is what it is. Not all of his opinion was negative though, which was surprising. I found myself happily watching Jodie running around building all sorts of gadgets, which seems kinda newish. Usually, the Doctor just repairs things but we got to see a more inventive side.

For the first time, I wish my daughter was older so she can enjoy seeing a badass female Doctor. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out. Also sorry I’m not great at reviewing.

Until next time!

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