Chapter 10: MMO Gaming

Back in 2004, you know it has only just hit me that was 14 years ago! Anyway, back in 2004, I started seeing adverts online for this MMO developed by Paragon Studios called City of Heroes. At the time I had no idea what an MMO was but hey, you get to make your own superhero, how cool was that?

2005 arrived and the game is released in the UK and after a few months of wondering, I went to the local gaming store and bought it. A few hours later and my first character appeared in Atlas Park. A broadsword scrapper with regeneration, ready to take on the world.

I absolutely loved running around in the City of Heroes world, teaming up with other players, making new friends and eventually joining a guild run by a hero called Hoboman. I even bought the City of Villains sometime later to make an evil alter ego to my main character.

I’ll always look back on that game with love in my heart and a longing for my unnamed friends, plus a wish for what other MMOs could become. Gaming is a great way to make friends and I still keep in contact with a few friends that I’ve met online. I’ll always wonder whatever happened to Hoboman though.

Until next time!

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