Chapter 9: Late Blogtober

Blogging is pretty new to me, I’ve never really followed along with blogs but since starting it has opened up another world of people to me. From hobbyists that like to show off Warhammer models to people that are seriously opening themselves up.

An amazing blogger that I’ve started following (I’m unsure if I can share her blog or not), stumbled across my mess of a blog and began liking a few of my posts. In a post of hers, I saw something called Blogtober, after reading her blog I immediately began hitting Google searches to figure out what on earth I had to do to join in. Yup, I thought I had to, I don’t know, be apart of some group or something.

Well after reading around some more, here I am, unsure if I can actually post every day for the whole month but here I am. I’m up to the challenge and I’m really hoping this counts!

I also have some interesting news! A friend from work… A, yeah let’s call him A (I’m horrible at making names up) has agreed to an anime-themed podcast! Absolutely no idea what it will be titled or when we will begin recording but at least it’s more podcasting.

Until next time!

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