Chapter 8: Where do we go?

I left work with my severance package in hand, unopened and no idea what was inside. Sitting down with my wife we opened up the envelope and discussed what our future might hold.

So I can’t talk legally about what was in the envelope but I can discuss our reaction and thoughts. The first being a huge leap into the unknown, away from what we’ve had and known for 15 years. This is really the only job I’ve had and having to go looking for another job is scary. I know, I know, get over it? It sucks being an introvert.

There’s also this feeling of great loss, most of not everyone that I work /worked with, knew me from the age of 18. They’ve seen me being the idiot teenager to the parent who loves to show off his daughter. Once a day someone will always come up to me and ask how my family is doing. I’ve even taken my daughter to work and she’s yelled at everyone that they are her friends.

My bosses went to my father’s funeral and were there supporting me throughout his battle against cancer. These “work colleagues” are also family and I’m probably only ever going to see a few of them again. I’m losing a huge part of my family and I don’t know how to process that or what to even say.

There’s also the fear of, what if I can’t get another job? Or even, do I want to do the same work? Probably not, I’d prefer staying away from warehouses for a long time. There’s also the possibility of going back to college and learning a trade. I suppose I have 5 months to figure out what I’m going to do unless anyone has advice?

Until next time…

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