Chapter 7: Loss

Today, today I lost my job.

Our warehouse manager had gathered us all together and told us that there was a meeting and no matter what happens we are a team and will face it as a team. Last time he’d said those words there were layoffs. Into the meeting, we all go and very quickly some people I’ve never met before tell us that the warehouse and offices will be closing down in 3 months and moving to abroad.

So, personally, I’ve lived a pretty easy life. I got this job after wasting a year in college and I’ve been with this company for 15 years. Pretty good, lucky really. Now I’m faced with potentially never seeing these people I spend my life with ever again. I have to write a new CV up, which terrifies me and then hope that I can sell myself as someone worthwhile…

I don’t think it’s come across if I’m honest, I’m a pretty timid and shy person, now I have to convince a stranger I’m worth investing in with a job. And it’s not just me, there are my wife and 2 children I have to worry about now. There is a whole lot of internal screaming and panicking going on at the moment.

I’m not completely sure how to end this post, there’s the saying when one for closes another one opens. I suppose I’ll see how things turn out eventually and keep posting throughout all of it.

Until next time!

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