Chapter 3: Nightmares

I think I’m going to scrap the opening to these because they are annoying to try and think of new ways to say “He begins to type“. Although I did start writing this in my car so maybe I should start with wherever I actually begin to write it?

The car slows to a stop outside of our heroes home. Switching the ignition off, he leans back in the driver’s seat and listens to the rain falling onto the car. Pulling out an old phone, he begins to type.

Not sure if I like it but its there now I guess. So a few things happened over the last day. The first being that the podcast I mentioned in Chapter 1, is going to start being recorded tomorrow (23/9/2018). It’s probably going to just be a test to see how things sound and if it is the right topic(s) to talk about. I’ll probably talk more about it in the next couple of days.

The second happened last night at about 2 AM. I was woken up by my wife kneeing me in the back, I’m a heavy sleeper so its necessary to actually get me to wake up. Our daughter had woken up and was crying her heart out. When I got into the hallway, she was laying in front of her stair gate tucked into a ball. She told me her hand was being eaten and pointed to the bed (She got her hand stuck between the bed and the wall), so I picked her up and lay her back in bed until she settles.

After a few moments, she points at her wardrobe and tells me that there’s a ghost and it’s scary. I lean over, waving my arm and say “shoo ghost shoo! See honey, all gone“. She smiles and says “Thank you, daddy, you’re my hero“. A few minutes later she is fast asleep and I’m tiredly crawling back into bed.

I decided to write about that today because hearing her call me her hero is one of the sweetest things she says to me and of course, how I came up with the blog name.

See you all next time!

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